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SBSF is a global community of students to shoulder the poverty free world campaign through the Philosophy of Social Business.To solve the world’s pressing issues, SBSF educated young people about social business to launch own social enterprises and incubates external Social business projects.Mission of the forum is tohelp to eradicate poverty by exploring and promoting the Social Business Concept among the student community of the world.

Flagship Events of SBSF

Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP)
Social Business Students’ Forum of Department of Business Administration of DIU has been organizing Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP) for last 2 years. The program aims at teaching students about the Nobel laureate Professor Yunus’s Social Business concept. The program includes Redesign the economy to redesign the future, Social Business Plan Guidelines, Social Business Design Lab, Marketing Aspects of Social Business, Social Entrepreneur & Youth, Social Business and Youth, Effective Learning, Fieldworks, Campfire, etc. It’s a platform to discover and boost up creative potentiates and boost the social entrepreneurial potentialities of young minds.

Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP), Spring 2016

Certificate Course on Social Business
Daffodil International University and Yunus Centre offers a short course on Social Business. The course will offer the students a foundation on the new kind of business that serves humanities most pressing needs and allow them to harness their entrepreneurial spirit for changing the world though Social Business.The short course will open a dimension for knowledge sharing as Managing Directors from Grameen who have extensive experience of working with Social Business will conduct classes as guest lecturers.



Social Business Game
To explore the social business concept among the young the young generation of Bangladesh as well as other countries, the SBSF and The SBC DIU has under-taken a game project through which the young people will be able to know about though a computer game .This game will be designed based on seven principles of Social Business.



International Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP)

International Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP) is a going to be the extended initiative of Social Business Students’ Forum (SBSF) of Department of Business Administration of DIU to endorse Social Business movement and give on field experience of social business.  It’s a 5-day long program aims at schooling students about the Nobel laureate Professor Yunus’s Social Business concept for empowering youth for better future.

Under the motto "Social Entrepreneurs for Better world" the International SBEP will bring together more than 100 individuals from the worldwide Social Business movement coming from the corporate, political, civil society and academic world for making a footprint for better world with Social Business.

Other Initiatives are

  1. Social Business Plan Competition
  2. Social Business Case Competition
  3. Youth Summit on Ageing
  4. Academia Conference on Implementing Three Zeros
  5. Age Demand Actions
  6. Organic Food Festival
  7. DIU PithaUthsob
  8. Workshops and seminars on Social Business.
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