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University of Massachusetts and Daffodil International University have reached an agreement regarding student transfers.
Daffodil International University and University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth are providing DIU students the opportunity to study in the United States.
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth will accept transfer students from DIU after they have completed a minimum of 60 credits.    
Advantage to DIU students:

On-Campus transfer: Students of DIU can complete 2 years of course-work (60 credits or more ) at DIU. University of Massachusetts would give admission to the students and transfer these credits into their program. The students would travel to the US as international students to attend the remaining UMass-Dartmouth courses and finish their remaining coursework on campus.

Online Courses: Transfer of credits as above but students of DIU can stay in Bangladesh and complete the UMass-Dartmouth coursework and finish their degree. They will undertake their 2 years of coursework online from the UMass-Dartmouth. The students would be supervised by DIU in tandem with UMass-Dartmouth.

Blended Program: After the admission and transfer of credits, students could choose to partially complete their coursework online and then go to the UMass-Dartmouth campus for the remaining coursework. Students could spend at least one semester or more at the UMass-Dartmouth campus for this purpose.

Cost Advantage:  Usual cost of attending University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth as an undergraduate international student is around USD 250,000. A DIU student can obtain the same degree for USD 20,000.

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