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DIUBEC is a student-run Business Club aimed at creating opportunities for Future Leaders of Bangladesh to think beyond by stimulating potentialities. It has been working for development and empowerment of young minds of the university through different events, competitions, seminars, and workshops. It is a family comprising of most vibrant, exploring, creative, innovative, and passionate students of DIU.
The club started its journey in 2008. Since inception, it has been working for the development of the students.The club emphasizes highly on the mental reform of its members through various programs along with the regular activities of the club to help them develop into competent and proficient activists in the sphere of corporate and entrepreneurs. The main objective is create opportunities for future leaders of Bangladesh.

Specific objectives of the club are:

  • To promote Entrepreneurial activity among the students, to develop skills required in different sector of current trends in business. The club will enable them to gain experience in current job market.
  • To ensure widespread and high quality participation in Intervarsity competitions.
  • To co-ordinate social activities amongst the club members.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas and skills between members, and act as a resource base for members.

So far, the club has organized-

  1. 4 Business Festivals
  2. Business Plan competition
  3. Business Quiz Competition
  4. Business Case Competition
  5. Meet the Icons
  6. Business Drama Competition
  7. Presentation Competition
  8. Poster Competition
  9. Business Quiz Competition
  10. Workshops and seminars of Different Contemporary Issues.

Proposed Activities of the Club (September 2016 – August 2017)

Proposed Date Title of the Program/Event Objective of the Program/Event
October 2016 Business Case Competition To infuse a strong dose of real-world experiences
November 2016 Business Seminar To give an insight about the recent issues of business. 
December 2016 Public Speaking Competition To improvise the public speaking capacity among the students
December 2016 Career Adda with Susanta Paul, BCS Cadre To inspire the student about civil service
February 2017 Ideation Competition To create the opportunities for the students to formulate strategy for business.
March 2017 Meet The Icons To get the inspiration from successful icons.
April 2017 Business Olympic To get the overall idea about business through different competition.
June 2017 Seminar on Budget To give an insight about the recent issues of business. 
July 2017 Presentation Competition  To improvise presentation skills and public speaking capacity of students.
August 2017 Business Case Competition To infuse a strong dose of real-world experiences

**Apart from the aforesaid events, we will organize Mock Interview session, seminar on case study, slide making etc. 


Part of the Executive Members of the Club 2015-16

Presentation Competition 2016

Presentation Competition 2016


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